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Starting our 500km journey across Costa Rica from the Pacific coast to the Caribbean Sea1 Enjoying the amazing scenery2 Most of the roads we travelled were like this (Costa Rican gravel)3 If we found some shade - we put it to good use4 The first few days involved a lot of climbing but we were easily distracted by the amazing scenery5 Our guides did an amazing job of preparing our snacks and lunches6 Beautiful campsite on day two!7 We never knew what was around the next corner - but it was usually fun8 Our guides and support crew did an amazing job9 Mid day swim after a tough morning cycling under the hot sun10 Still smiling11 Lunch time siesta12 Costa Rican flat - a little up and a little down13 Sometimes we spent nights inside village community centres14 It was great to connect with the local kids15 A full day of riding on pavement - we didn't take that for granted after the first few days16 It was Frank's great idea to look for a bakery - we found one!17 Beautiful Lake Arenal18 We're smiling because we just woke up from sleeping in an actual hotel room!19 Our guides were kept busy tuning, fixing and cleaning our bikes20 Cycling on narrow pavement with no shoulders + big trucks passing by = quite stressful times 21 Did we mention the guides did a great job of providing snacks during our long days of cycling?22 Toucan perched on a tree nearby23 Lunch break with bottles of Coke (like the good old days)24 Still smiling25 A rainy day - but more comfortable than cycling under the hot sun26 Chris and Marilyn enjoying the morning ride27 Howler monkey watching us from a tree perch above the road28 We found out why they call it WHITE water rafting29 It was nice to take a break from the excitement of the class III and IV river rapids30 Even though we were wet and muddy at the end of the day - we were still smiling31 Even though we no longer enjoyed sitting, we could still smile32 Sloth in the trees33 Taking a boat ride across the river34 Should we trust this suspension bridge? The next one over had failed the week before35 Good balance required36 Going through a huge banana plantation37 This was definitely 'off road'38 Enjoying our last evening meal together - anticipating the Caribbean Sea swim the next day!39 Our last campsite was a nice one!40 The last day included various challenges - including crossing several rivers41 Christmas tree on the deck - we almost forgot it was December42 Visited a small village for our lunch break on our last day43 The abandoned railway bridge crossing was a little scary for some44 We cycled on or beside the railway track for the last seven km to the coast45 We made it!  Five hundred km in eight days and approximately $40,000 was raised for Compassion Canada's Education Response Fund for projects in Central America!46



In December, 2012, eleven cyclists biked 500km from coast to coast in Costa Rica.

Our purpose was to raise funds and awareness for Compassion Canada's Education Response Fund for projects in Central America.

The project raised approximately $40,000 for the cause.

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‘Help Us Help Them’ is a group of like-minded adventure travel participants involved in promoting and fund raising for charitable organizations we passionately support.